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Meet a Character: Aggrys


Aggrys is a Satyr—one of a forgotten, cursed race that had been hiding in the shadowy edges of the world for centuries. The Day of Lights prompted him to return in order to solve its mystery, for he believes it may be the key to healing himself and his kin of their curse. Once men, the curse was cast upon the Satyrs by the Kaidan Goddess long ago as payment for a great offense against her. Their bodies and souls were twisted to resemble animals, for that is all they were in her eyes. So, half-man, half-beast, Aggrys and the rest of the Satyrs were condemned to a life of savagery, unable to hide their corrupted hearts behind pride and deceit. Most of the Satyrs gave in to the curse and, ultimately, embraced their new way of life. But Aggrys did not. Aggrys understood why his people were cursed, and he spent his years in remorse. But, having witnessed the Day of Lights, his strength was renewed, and he was inspired to take up the quest to find what the Day of Lights may have left behind.



Meet a Character: Harn

By the time he became king, Sygmon had very little close friends left, for war had killed the rest. His closest friend, Hanma, though, was always at his side and was likewise a great warrior. Sygmon’s son, Sigaard, was raised to be a dutiful child as well as a strong fighter. Hanma’s son, however, chose to rebel against his father’s ways. Being a son of Hanma, Harn was forced to be trained in the art of war, but Harn was never interested in combat. Rather, he was interested in music. Having become proficient at the lute as well as a number of other instruments, Harn favored the life of merriment. That being said, he was incredibly philosophical in his approaches to life, desiring more to edify the people who were around him instead of fulfilling his own desires. A man of the people, he eventually became known as Harn the Bard. Of course, his father disapproved of this, desiring that his child follow in his footsteps. When Harn became a man, he was sent to the Acchyron Coast, a particularly hostile region of Boraya, to put his military training to good use. Harn did as he was bid, but brought his joys with him, doing more to create reconciliation among the people in the Coast. However, when it came to conflict, he was certainly grateful for his intense childhood training. This was especially true when Prince Sigaard called upon him to assist in a special, dangerous mission.

Meet a Character: Sigaard

Sigaard, son of Sygmon, the prince of Boraya and the heir to the Umaryan throne, was born on the Day of Lights. Some have tried to attach meaning to the circumstance, believing that Sigaard was destined for greatness. However, despite his royal privileges, he was more attracted to a life devoid of extravagance. As a child, he was exposed to a world of violence as a number of civil wars were fought between his father and the rebels who stood against him and his new religion. On one occasion, Sigaard found himself in an infirmary, witnessing the wounded, the sick, the dying, and the dead. Moved to both compassion and rage by what he saw, he quickly was determined to devote his life to the protection of his people. As he was growing into an adult, his father was fighting a new war against the “pagan” Kaidans. Believing that anyone who was opposed to the Umaryan religion was an enemy, Sigaard took up arms with the God’s Hammer—an elite force of militant monks devoted to the Nameless God. He was trained by them, he fought beside them, and, by his late twenties, he was leading them into battle. Developing renown in the Low North, Sigaard inspired fervor among his warriors and fear among his enemies. It was he who brought the twenty-year war with Kaida to a close with the sack of Kythiria, the Kaidans’ sacred city. But, while it was a great victory, Sigaard felt no pride. Rather, the event appeared to shaken everything he believed….

Meet a Character: Ysolda

Having been abandoned as a child, Ysolda, a young Kaidan woman, was raised in a remote village by a community of shepherds—specifically by their leader Damusyn and his wife Vivyan. Ysolda was not alive when the Day of Lights happened, and her surrogates never spoke about it. However, as she grew older, Ysolda was increasingly stricken by debilitating visions. At first, they would only affect her in her sleep, but, in recent days, they would happen at random in waking life. The content of her visions were not clear to her, but she frequently saw a light much like that which spread across the sky ten years before she was born. Vivyan, learning about Ysolda’s condition, waved it off as a mere illness of the mind, but Ysolda was suspicious that Vivyan knew more. Despite the ailment, Ysolda contented herself wandering the wilderness surrounding the village, becoming a skilled huntress and master with the bow. She felt she belonged there—more so because she felt that she didn’t belong anywhere else.

Meet a Character: Sygmon

Sygmon, the king of Boraya, never expected to be the one sitting on the throne. In his youth, he was a mercenary for hire, selling his sword as his traveled across the world. Eventually, he found himself with a few other Borayns in the ancient city of Sarconos, serving as personal bodyguards for the king there. Unfortunately, the king was losing a war against his rebellious, illegitimate children. As the city was near to falling, the king released Sygmon from his service, allowing the Borayns to flee rather than die for a foreign ruler. On the night that the rebel horde flooded into Sarconos—the night that the Borayns were to escape—Sygmon’s son, Sigaard, was born. On that same night, the blue lights flew across the sky. Having seen them, Sygmon was determined to uncover their meaning. Returning to Boraya, Sygmon encountered yet another civil war—one between lords squabbling over the Borayan throne. To settle the dispute, the silver-haired woman and resident of Boraya, Saphya, gathered all the lords at the city of North-Beam and gave them all a test. Whoever passed the test would be king. After all the lords had failed, Sygmon, a mere mercenary, tried and succeeded. Thus, he was king, but many of the lords would not accept it and fought against him. With Saphya’s help, Sygmon achieved his position. Nevertheless, he was still determined to uncover the meaning of the light. Saphya sought to help him with that too, but Sygmon instead turned to the one called the Prophet. And, according to the Prophet, the only way to find the truth involved going to war against the Kaidans….

Meet a Character: Saphya

Most of the world remembers the night when waves of blue light spread across the sky. The event was commonly called the Day of Lights. Saphya, young in appearance but with the silver hair of age, not only saw the anomaly but knew why it happened. Though the Children of Fayr—the Fayri—were gone or otherwise silent about their true nature, Saphya believed that the Day of Lights was a call for the Fayri and their teachings to come back. She dedicated the next fifteen years to the recovering of lost Fayri secrets, gathering all ancient tomes she could get her hands on while also procuring the help of the Borayan warrior—soon to be king—Sygmon. For a few years, Sygmon was a faithful student, but he did not have the patience of Saphya. She was careful in her studies, but he was ever more desperate for the arcane knowledge of the Fayri, desiring greater power. He soon became acquainted with someone simply known as “the Prophet,” who had a different plan altogether for uncovering the truth about the Day of Lights, and it involved war. Distraught at her student’s irrationality, Saphya left him, but Sygmon was not done with her, and his Prophet needed what missing pieces of the puzzle she had gathered.

Meet a Character: Lilith

The Children of Fayr—commonly called the Fayri—were considered a race of supernatural, demi-god beings. While they were once rulers of great kingdoms, most of them have disappeared. If it was not terrible war that killed them, they chose to take vows of silence in order to protect their secrets from mortals who were likely to be corrupted by them. Thus, their legacy simply vanished. Lilith, however, did not vanish like the rest of her kind but wanders across the world with vigilance, watching for any threat to the harmony of life. She was a fervent servant of the one called “The Goddess.” That being said, the Goddess, following a cataclysmic age, is said to be asleep. Nonetheless, Lilith carries her word and her teachings, though she may be the only one left who does. Lilith is also the only one who knows the location of the lost Everbeen Tree—a relic of a time when the Fayri were at large. But, because of the power of the Tree, Lilith keeps its locale—high upon a snowy mountain in the Mistlands—a secret, as part of her vow. For those that know who Lilith is, they know little to nothing about her. A flockless shepherdess, she walks about with a crook-shaped staff., and her face is always covered by the shadow a black cowl. It is believed that she saw many dark things in her past, forcing her to hide herself from the world. Moreover, she is tormented and taunted by strange shadows who remind her of that past she hopes to forget.